On-Train Passenger Information Systems


On-train Passenger Information Systems play a vital role during normal train operations by providing passengers with trip information such as audio station announcements, visual indication on Line Maps and Character Graphic Displays. During emergencies, the system allows recorded or live announcements to be made by the train driver or from the train operations control center. Passenger to driver communications are supported by Passenger Intercom Units located in each saloon car.

Our systems are built and tested in Singapore to comply with the following internationally recognised standards:

BS EN 50155

BS EN 60068

EN 55022

EN 55011

IEC 61000

Applied Systems are OEM manufacturers of the following equipment:

  • PACU: Power Amplifier Control Unit
  • PECU: Passenger Emergency Communication Unit
  • ANM: Ambient Noise Monitor
  • TLD: Trainline Driver Unit
  • ACSU: Audio Control System Unit

Track Record:

  • Taipeh Tucheng Blue Line Contract #341
  • Taipeh Orange Line
  • Bangkok BTS
  • Guangzhou Line 3
  • Guangzhou Line 3 Airport Extension
  • Shenzhen Line 1
  • Shenzhen Line 2
  • Nanjing Line 2
  • Nanjing Line 2 Extension
  • Saudi Arabia Mecca Medina Line
  • Brazil Sao Paulo