Comms and Radio Interfacing


Radio Communications play a vital role for the military, public safety and law enforcement services in all countries. The utility of LMR transceivers is enhanced when properly designed interfaces are available. Often, these interfaces need to be custom designed to suit different operational requirements. Our company has been in the business of providing these interfaces to the abovementioned services since 1995.

We present below a small selection of the audio equipment that we have designed and built:

McBox_Rear Internal details of a portable radio interface unit for 6 radios.
McLIntercom Combined intercom and radio interface with cross patch facilities.
PWS_Pic Picture transmission over P25 LMR.
ML Radio 6 wire interface cascade system
McRRadSide Side view of operator panel supporting 6 radios.
Iden IDEN to land line interfacing.
Spectrum Interface performance testing.
800MHzAnt 800MHz antenna prototype by LPKF milling