Audio Engineering


Audio Engineering is a main core technology upon which our other product lines are built. This area covers a wide range of applications from audio mixing and switching systems to long distance audio transmission terminal equipment used in base-wide public addressing.

We have full design and test facilities for the design, verification and manufacturing of such diverse audio equipment as:

  • Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise audio matching units
  • Specialised headset drivers e.g. for Sonar applications
  • Mixers
  • Filters and equalizers
  • Long distance modulated line drivers and receivers
  • Transformer design and manufacture

Our in-house audio test equipment include:

  • Audio Precision ATS-2
  • HP 8903B
  • W&G PMG-13

We present below a small selection of the audio equipment that we have designed and built:

Switch Audio Switch used in wide area paging. Remote equipment failures are monitored by in-built SCADA
TabletPC Touch screen operator panel
ANM Ambient noise monitors used for automatic loudness control
Spkr_failure Remote amplifier and speaker failure monitoring unit
FireEngineBox Fire truck remote operator unit for LMR which is mounted in driver cab.
SpkrBox Weather proof speaker boxes